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Jun 4, 2013

Can You Body-build Without Steroids?

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In your quest toward achieving a well-built body, you may have opted to emulate builders like Arnold Schwarzenegger. During their heydays, they might have drunk gallons of milk, and regularly ate eggs and meat to bulk up.

Sources of energy and nutrients have always been an issue when you are into bodybuilding. If these natural sources do not yield your expected results, you may have considered alternative methods to supplement your muscle growth. One of these alternatives is the use of steroids.

Bodybuilding Factors

Each and every one are wired differently in terms of their musculature and genetic makeup. As discussed in the article “Benefits of Customizing Diet According to Your Body Type”, there are three general somatotypes. The three body types have different reactions to diet and exercise programs.

Ectomorphs are naturally tall and lanky, and will require boosting food intake with high intensity-low repetition exercises. Mesomorphs have the ideal body for developing lean muscles; however, they may have to be wary about gaining fats faster than ectomorphs. And Endomorphs can build a muscular body by fat-shedding diet and workout routines.

These reactions are linked to the body’s metabolism and capability to adapt to the changes the body is subjected to.

You should understand that subjecting yourself to bodybuilding activities breaks down your muscle fiber. The growth of those broken muscles is a result of the healing process that takes place after your workout. During the healing process, the muscle fibers are repaired as larger and stronger components. This development is aided by taking the proper nutrition.

Moreover, muscle repair and development is also aided by your own body producing testosterone. Naturally high testosterone level in males allows you to be leaner and more muscular than females.

This also allows you to have a better potential to develop greater amounts of muscle in less time. However, your body has a limit in its testosterone production during good health.

It is important to consider that the maximum muscular bodyweight and size potential depend on your bone-structure as well as your height. Basically if you are naturally large-structured man you have the potential to develop larger muscles than a slightly built person.

However, if you have good health and hormone levels, a growth supporting diet and lifestyle, and train according to your needs then you should, in time, be able to increase your muscular structure.

Why Result To Steroids?

1. Testosterone Booster

One reason for steroid use is for effecting medical help to your body. Some men may experience a drop in their testosterone levels at one point in their lives. Consulting with a doctor can provide you with a medical prescription to help you bring back your hormone level. Returning it to the normal high level will allow you to make good progress in your bodybuilding endeavor. Such use can be equated to a hormonal replacement therapy.

2. Rapid Muscle Growth

Steroid use among bodybuilders is because of their intent to grow muscles at a faster rate. Growing muscles naturally takes a long time. And the more you spend time working out, the less you are prone to gain additional mass. With steroids, you boost the muscle recovery time. This allows you to subject yourself to intense training in shorter periods of time due to its healing property.

Steroid Use Downside

1. Steroid Use Is Considered Illegal

The use of steroids for athletic and bodybuilding purposes is now prohibited in the United States of America, Canada, and the European Union. During the 60s and 70s, they were still accepted. Competitors would use small doses of steroids weeks prior the bodybuilding contest in order to increase the intensity and time of their workouts. Now, its use is considered as defeating the purpose of promoting healthy natural sports. Issues on professional athletes and bodybuilders using steroids are making it to out through the media.

2. Cost

Using steroids adds extra cost to your high maintenance budget intended for the gym, food, and other programs. Most bodybuilders take anabolic steroids and human growth hormones. Using and sustaining these muscle growth boosters can cost them as much as $30, 000 annually.

3. Steroids Interruption Symptoms:

Although the use of steroids might aid in the size and speed of muscle growth, it is important to consider the effects that somebody can experience when deciding to interrupt their consumption, such as weight loss, less body strength, muscular atrophy (loss of muscle tissue) and increased fat deposits.

One of the reasons this might occur is due to the reduced production of testosterone in the body. Many steroids have an inhibiting effect on the hypothalamohypophysial testicular axis.  Keep in mind that testosterone increases muscle mass by increasing the amount of muscle protein synthesis in the body.

Steroid-Free Bodybuilding

Yes, steroid-free bodybuilding can be done. Bodybuilding programs like the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer offers steps in developing your muscles without the use of steroids. Today’s development allows bodybuilders to grow and develop their muscles without the use of steroids.

Available supplements like Branched Chain Amino Acids, L-Glutamine, Essential Oils, and Creatine will provide the essential aid when paired with proper bodybuilding programs. There are even over-the-counter anti-estrogen supplements that can help regulate testosterone level during a dieting phase.

Achieving a well-built body should and will rely on the proper mindset, religious training, and healthy diet. A body boosted by steroids can potentially be bigger and more defined than those who prefer not to use steroids.

However, you can take pride in the fact that you achieved a great developed body by using natural methods and exerting 110% effort.

Bodybuilding Reminders

In your pursuit of a great muscular body, you should be reminded about the condition of your other organs. You should never neglect exercises, nutrients, and rest meant for your heart. This allows your heart to function properly just like every other muscle you are trying to develop.

Likewise, you should be concerned about your liver condition. Liver problems can also be a cause of bodybuilding. High amounts of protein intake can take a toll on the liver due to the processes involved in it.

Your ultimate goal is to achieve a well-built body while staying healthy. Always stay informed and always stay healthy!

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